Glass-mount RFID tag supports automatic vehicle tracking

Posted on November 7th, 2011 by Andy Smith

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Glass-mount RFID tag supports automatic vehicle tracking

DAILY RFID has launched a new ultra-high frequency RFID tag designed for installation on any glass surface including a car windshield for applications in automated vehicle identification.

Operating over a frequency range of 902 MHz to 928 MHz or 688 MHz, the windshield tag supports ISO 1800-6B or EPC Gen2 protocols and offers accurate detection with a reading distance of up to 15 meters.

The chip also comes in sealed in an ABS housing material, which is compliant and stable enough to endure harsh environments with temperatures ranging anywhere from -20 to 70 degrees Celsius (-4 to 122 Fahrenheit). It comes in a standard color of white, or it can be customized with a printed logo on the tag.

Thus, the windshield tag is suitable for access control applications such as gated communities, secured parking plazas or anywhere vehicle tracking is required.



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