RFID creates incentive to recycle in Dayton, Ohio

Posted on November 7th, 2011 by Ron Gibson

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RFID creates incentive to recycle in Dayton, Ohio

Alien Technology is working together will systems integrator CDO Technologies to launch a program designed to increase community recycling levels in the city of Dayton, Ohio.
Through the use of RFID technology, residents who make use of their recycling containers are automatically entered in a lottery for one of four $100 prizes. In fact, the city has already awarded its first four resident winners.

The solution is based on Alien’s Enterprise Class RFID Readers and CDO’s High Value Asset Tracking platform. RFID tags are attached to the recycling bins, and Alien’s ALR-9900+ Readers are installed on the collection trucks.
Thus, the windshield tag is suitable for access control applications such as gated communities, secured parking plazas or anywhere vehicle tracking is required.

With Alien hardware and the HVAT platform, Dayton is able to use data collected to extract meaningful information and provide actionable results. The city can strategically plan its routes, schedules, budgets and usage rates.

The program has already allowed the city to restructure routes, renegotiate recycling rates and balance staffing, resulting in a projected savings of more than $100,000 per year.



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