SeeTec and Solar Denmark update Karup Airport’s video surveillance system SeeTec and Solar Denmark update Karup Airport’s video surveillance system

Posted on December 19th, 2011 by Ron Gibson

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SeeTec and Solar Denmark update Karup Airport's video surveillance system SeeTec and Solar Denmark update Karup Airport's video surveillance system

After September 11th, a seamless control of passengers and luggage was established at the Karup Airport in Denmark. For that purpose, an analog video system had been installed. However, during last year the decision was made to observe all critical security restricted areas in addition.
SeeTec and Solar Denmark have now delivered a cutting edge video surveillance system to Karup Airport, thus updating its security system to latest standards. Karup airport chose video management software from SeeTec and camera technology from Axis

Erik Jacobsen, director of Karup Airport, explains: “We had the choice to fulfill the additional requirements by hiring additional security staff or by installing a new video surveillance system. We finally decided in favor of the new video system. The main reasons for that decision were that the costs for the new system are lower, that it is very easy to extend and that our security staff can operate it quite conveniently. We went for a cutting edge video surveillance system to replace the old analog one which would have been extremely difficult and expensive to upgrade.”

“We got in touch with Solar and they offered a solution based on SeeTec software and AXIS P1346-E Network Cameras. From the beginning, all project partners supported us in a perfect way throughout the whole project” says Jens Andersen, technician at Karup airport.

The cameras, which are mounted on poles all over the airport ground, can be operated in day and night mode, thus being perfectly suited for the changing lighting conditions at the airport. With a resolution of three megapixels, they allow identifying persons even from a long distance. The outdoor housing protects the cameras perfectly against environmental conditions so that they can be operated without any problems even at -40°C. Like all Axis network cameras, they are deeply integrated in the SeeTec software which makes it very easy for Karup airport to add further devices like an additional camera in just a few minutes.

Karup Airport chose SeeTec as it can be extended easily – not only by further cameras or servers but also by additional functionalities. The feature set of the software which is currently available in 16 languages can be widened by using third party interfaces, extension modules such as license plate recognition or vertical solutions from the SeeTec Multi Solution Platform. If for example Karup Airport plans to monitor the occupancy of waiting zones or wants to check the required capacity of escape routes, they can realize that completely within SeeTec just by adding the SeeTec counting suite module. No third party application will have to be installed or configured for that purpose.

Another reason for the decision was that with SeeTec Anywhere technology the security personnel of Karup airport can log in to the surveillance system from any Windows-based PC in their network without having to install any client software before. In addition, SeeTec offers the extension modules of the SeeTec Analytics product line, adding powerful and reliable video analysis features to a basic SeeTec installation. Karup airport uses video analysis to detect people on the airport ground automatically. In contrast to many simple motion detection algorithms, the SeeTec solution contains powerful filters which allow to avoid false alarms e.g. by weather influences or by cars and planes passing by on the airport ground.

Jens Andersen from Karup airport again: “The new solution is extremely flexible, easy to use and delivers brilliant images both day and night. As the images are stored in full HD quality with a resolution of three megapixels, we can e.g. read number plates or identify faces in the camera image. Due to the new system, it will be very hard for trespassers to move on the airport ground without being noticed.”
The successful project at Karup airport shows, that real IP based video surveillance is a lot more than just recording and displaying camera images. “The additional technological options IP technology offers for the video security market have to be transferred into real customer benefits” says Roland Keiser, chief technology officer at SeeTec: “New, comprehensive solutions that are embedded into customer’s business processes and perfectly fit the needs of particular industries make video surveillance more efficient and open up new application areas and markets”.

Edwin Beerentemfel who is responsible for Business Development in Middle Europe within Axis agrees to that, welcoming SeeTec as one of two Axis Gold Application Development Partners (ADPs) headquartered in Europe. “SeeTec has increasingly addressed vertical markets with special tailor-made products.” he says. “The early and deep integration of our products in the SeeTec software, the good market position of both SeeTec and Axis Communications and the joint vision of focusing on the needs of vertical markets provide a strong basis for our partnership.”



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